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Welcome to Hyper Rig

Hyper Rig Ltd provides real time, multi-asset risk management solutions to financial companies seeking to proactively manage their risk and optimise their trading strategies.

Together for over fifteen years, the development team at Hyper Rig has learned many important lessons when developing risk management and trading software solutions.  Our ethos challenges existing assumptions and makes us unafraid to approach traditional IT challenges in revolutionary ways.

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Our development ethos for risk management solutions can be summarized as follows:

  • We firmly believe that data quality is paramount. A risk solution is only as good as the data that feeds it and more often than not data quality is the weakest link in risk management process.
  • Data integration is the real challenge. The collection and integration of market data, trades, counterparties, limits, agreements, legal and other information required to compute risk analysis demands access to various front- and back-office systems spread throughout organizations. Therefore risk systems must integrate and manage data from multiple sources in a way that is not only streamlined and cost effective, but also flexible and scalable to accommodate growth. Similarly, Integration of new products should be straightforward and not a costly and lengthy exercise.
  • We believe in the new paradigm that moves away from end-of-day number crunching towards dynamic state management. From large books of vanilla products to exotic OTC products with non-linear pay-offs, first or second order approximation with end-of-day data is simply not enough. Hyper Rig has been designed to maintain all of a bank’s positions in a cache so total risk is updated with each incremental change, which simplifies the process and eliminates the need to move large amounts of data across the enterprise to a single location for batch processing.
  • We believe in open and transparent platforms - we provide pricing models but clients are able to use their own models in order to achieve consistency. Clients can also seamlessly audit and challenge models assumptions and inputs, stress test the impact of change on a parameter and therefore better understand their behaviours.
  • High performance for us means to be the fastest solution available on the market.  It means being able to make better and more informed decisions, to trade better because all relevant data is available before putting on the trade, to make better use of limits and capital. It means aggregating data (exposures or sensitivities) across silos and systems or being able to run complex simulations such as Monte Carlo scenarios, scenario analysis or PFEs at lightning speed. It also means better and more frequent calibration of models because a standard run takes only a couple f seconds.
  • Visualization is critical: performance also means having state-of-the-art GUIs that enable users to visualize data in a clear, condensed and efficient fashion. Users can focus on exceptions and outliers, monitor alerts and understand the big picture. In addition, reporting tools deliver the resulting information to various levels of decision makers in a timely and clear fashion.