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News channels -> News channels help

News channels allow you to generate an updating list of news items (articles).

News items can either be sourced from yourself, by manually adding a news item, or from an RSS or an Atom source. Up to ten news sources can be aggregated into a single news channel. There are many of these available on the internet or on this site, where ever you see the RSS icon this indicates an RSS source. Get the Address/URL of this source and add it as a source to a new channel. The site will automatically get the latest news from the source and keep this updated even when you are not there.

You can also submit news items via e-mail. To do this, simply e-mail the item to @ from your e-mail address.

If you want the e-mail to go to a particular news channel of yours, you can address it to _news-channel-name@. Replace news-channel-name with your desired news channel destination name. Remember the underscore between your user name and the news channel name! Note any spaces in your channel name are converted to dashes '-' and special characters are removed e.g. 'News & Markets' becomes 'news-markets'. The destination e-mail address can be found in the details of each news channel. We recommend testing your dropbox addressing by manually contributing a News Item via e-mail, and checking that it appears in the correct News Channel PRIOR to making it a shared resource. This is particularly important if you are configuring an "auto-send" e-mail rule, such as a Google Alert!

As all inbound news items are automatically tagged using the platform's semantic tagging mechanism you can consistently search through all news items for topics of interest.

In order to avoid you getting spammed, there is an e-mail white/black list management option. Addresses sending you news items in the white list are acceptable whereas addresses in the black list will be explicitly ignored. If you do not use this you will only be able to submit e-mail news items from your registered e-mail address (). If you find your dropbox is attracting Spam please add the Offending sender address to your black-list, or contact Hedgehogs Support for assistance.

If you wish to process inbound e-mails from an automated process, such as Google Alerts, you will need to add the sender address to your *white list*, e.g. googlealerts-noreply@google.com. Please contact Hedgehogs Support if you require assistance.

Please note that any deliberate attempt to use News Channels to create Spam or populate News Channels with spurious or inappropriate material may result in your account being suspended.

For more guidance on using Google Alerts within the platform please contact us by raising a help ticket. The specific search syntax you use will significantly affect the quality of the targeting of the results. We recommend the use of "term1 term2" and "term1" + "term2" etc., to search for specific combinations of words, to avoid generating search results returning any random combination of either term1 or term2. e.g. will return all results including EITHER Merrill or Lynch, whereas <"Merrill Lynch"> will only return results containing the proper combination.

We recommend testing the precision of your searches and alerts with an external RSS reader BEFORE committing such results to a News Channel. If you need help refining search syntax please contact Hedgehogs support, who will be glad to help.