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Real-time monitoring tools

October 18, 2011 by Marvelsoft   Comments (0)

October 2011 - The financial markets are moving faster than ever. Unexpected events that take place during the trading day can significantly modify the overall performance of execution...

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CM-CIC likes Axcellerator Pairs

October 18, 2011 by Marvelsoft   Comments (0)

October 2011 - With so much volatility in the market right now, CM-CIC's equities team is glad it has Axcellerator Pairs on hand to take advantage of special situations as they arise...


Q&A with Dragomir Velchev, head of development

October 18, 2011 by Marvelsoft   Comments (0)

September 2011 - You've been part of the Marvelsoft team for a decade now. What's happened in algorithmic trading since 2001? -- In the ten years we've been doing this...

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Monitoring for Algorithms: A New Capability In A Computerized Market

October 18, 2011 by CalConfidence   Comments (0)

The past days have seen one particular sequence that shows up on HFT Alert Pro at 15:58:00, 2 minutes before the market closes.  Steve Hammer of HFT Alert has written an article for Seeking Alpha in a effort to show people he and his buddies have created a platform that can help the average Joe and the Portfolio Manager not only identify algorithmic activity and also help them profit off it.  Here are six graphs over the past 6 days of the "Late Comer" as we dub it here at Calibrated Confidence.  Take note of the shape taken on by the exchanges and also note the blips that appear prior to the 15:57:48 burst.  These charts come from HFT Alert Pro

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