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Blog Post: TimingLogic: The Proletariat State's Attempted Destruction Of Human Expression And The Arts

March 25, 2012 by MoneyScience   Comments (0)

In Europe, Where Art Is Life, Ax Falls On Public Financing.  I want to highlight this article and the greater dynamic we see around the world because it is tied to the tyranny of the proletariat state that has been created by toady politicians and their corporate masters.   Yes, the U.S. is a proletariat state.  And bankers around the world wish to perpetuate that dynamic globally.  This dynamic of repressing art and self-expression is part of the timeless dynamic of...

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Blog Post: TheReformedBroker: Reality Check

March 25, 2012 by MoneyScience   Comments (0)

Yo, pay attention because this past week's reality check could become important.