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January 2015

Varicose Veins Appear In both Men and Women

January 27, 2015 by Smith John   Comments (0)

Varicose veins appear in both men and women, but more frequently in women. This procedure allows for the removal of large surface veins and may be performed in conjunction with Endovenous laser ablation or other therapies for varicose veins.


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Three Detox Fads

January 22, 2015 by Smith John   Comments (0)

Learn about some of the greatest fads in natural body detox today and if they are worth looking at. So let's talk about your feet for a minute. Yes. Many people involved in a whole body detox like to do a detox foot bath. This is not the same as the plastic massaging foot bath you got for Christmas that you never use. A detox foot bath uses a metal container that puts an electric charge in the water. This charge doesn't hurt you, but binds to the toxins in your body and carries them out through the pores in the feet. Many people say this foot bath works well. But in any natural body detox, removing toxins is pointless if you are just going to put them back in your body. So yes, you may remove toxins through the hundreds of pores in your feet but if you put them back in you are kind of defeating the purpose.


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