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Trading Tech in the mainstream- Reinforcement of a recurrent theme.... StreamInsight CEP and FIX

June 14, 2011 by Ken Yeadon   Comments (0)

Something that has been a recurrent theme of debate in the High Frequency Trading arena is the change towards niche applications of trading technology becoming accessible to the mainstream. This reflects the maturing and wide adoption of high performance computing techniques previously only applied by a narrow audience of specialists within the finance sector as performance increasingly becomes a prerequisite to be in the game, rather than a source of differentiation. There is a change of emphasis towards accessibility and agility defining the economic optimum for most market participants, since top quartile latency performance is increasingly something thats accessible at reasonable cost to anyone who wants it, as opposed to you needing to run your own sceince project.


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Something a little unusual..... a "licensed" blog!

March 24, 2010 by Ken Yeadon   Comments (0)

We would like to demonstrate something we have just introduced to Hedgehogs.net that we think represents quite a breakthrough, and provides a taste of where we are going with the site.


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State of The Union. Obama throws down the gauntlet

January 28, 2010 by Ken Yeadon   Comments (0)

Did I just hear right? Obama will abolish capital gains tax for small businesses.

As a UK based start up, Britain is going to have to come with something good to match that..... Hopefully the Uk parties will start competing to keep us all here....

More comment when we actually see the details.....

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