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June 2012

The Olympic Elephant in the room

June 28, 2012 by mikeohara   Comments (0)

With the start of the Olympics fast approaching, many financial institutions in Canary Wharf are expected to be testing their disaster recovery plans and, in particular, the options available should the Olympic Park affect the area’s power supply. All major trading institutions will have plans in place for eventualities such as fire, flood or loss of power supply and the “play book” will usually dictate relocating to a dark site or shared trading facility elsewhere. This will often include passing some of the workload to another part of the institution on another continent. But the reality is that Canary Wharf already consumes most of the power available to the Isle of Dogs and the transport infrastructure has little spare capacity. Now overlay a scenario where one million extra people move in next door and the biggest sporting show on earth is competing for “your” electricity. If there was a power failure, or even a brown-out, the play book says “relocate your staff and keep trading”. Unfortunately, there won’t be enough Boris Bikes to go around. Some institutions could be affected more than others; in particular, those involved in high frequency trading have expressed concerns regarding the Olympics and the – admittedly outside – chance the games may push the local grid to breaking point. The millions of transactions being processed per second are highly dependent on optimised technology, ultra high-speed communications and a stable and reliable power supply.


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Gnodal ADDS Data Center Veteran to Board of Directors

June 28, 2012 by mikeohara   Comments (0)

Vic Mahadevanappointed to Gnodal board, joins US and UK industry leaders

PALO ALTO, CA and BRISTOL, UK – June 27, 2012 -- Gnodal Limited – the high performance datacenter networking company – announced today that Vic Mahadevan has joined the GnodalBoard of Directors. The appointment adds a seat to the board, bringing the total number of directors to eight including industry veteransfrom enterprise IT companies such as Juniper, Alcatel, Sun, Pivot3, Quadrics and more.

Mahadevan, was most recently the Chief Strategy Officer at NetApp, where he was responsible for leading NetApp's business strategy and identifying additional market and product opportunities to fuel future growth. He lead the company’s strategic planning and business development activities worldwide and reported to Tom Georgens, president and CEO of NetApp. Vic was also responsible for driving strategic planning processes, managing acquisitions, and supporting NetApp’s strategic alliances and partnership teams.

Vic, who also held executive management positions with BMC, Compaq and LSI, joins the Gnodal board as the company launches its GS-Series high density, low latency data center switches in the US and worldwide into financial, scientific and energy vertical markets. Vic holds an MBA in Marketing and MS in Engineering from the University of Iowa as well a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

“Gnodal is uniquely positioned to respond to the ever-increasing demand for higher performance switching in today’s private-hybrid cloud and enterprise data centers,” said Mahadevan. “Gnodal switches, as the foundation of a new era in friction-free networking, will revolutionize the next wave of data center networking with an entirely unique 'preemptive' fabric that surpasses the expectations of the most demanding customers.”

Gnodal Limited is an enterprise networking company delivering industry-leading adaptive load-balancing performance, port density and low power consumption to the high performance data center with its GS-Series Ethernet switches. With an initial port-to-port latency as low as 282ns and additional hops at a mere 66ns, multistage networks containing thousands of ports can be assembled with an overall system latency as low as 414ns making the GS-Series ideal for latency sensitive applications. The GS-Series is built to scale from 72 ports to a massive network of up to 64,000 ports by combining other members of the family to create a cost-effective, ultra-low latency, highly utilized Ethernet Fabric with exclusive congestion avoidance functionality.

"We are very excited to welcome Vic to our Board of Directors; his many years of experience in technology and business development, combined with high-end enterprise storage and compute solutions, will prove invaluable as we accelerate market acceptance and sales activities," said Bob Fernander, CEO, Gnodal.

About Gnodal
The technology that drives today’s world is moving forward at an ever-increasing pace. For switches, low latency has to go hand in hand with high bandwidth - scalability cannot compromise performance. TheGnodal GS-Series Switch Family provides the highest density, lowest latency Top-of-Rack 10 and 40-GbE solutions available on the market making it an ideal infrastructure for low latency applications, virtualization, high performance storage and server consolidation within the data center. Based in Bristol, UK, and Palo Alto, CA, Gnodal, is the winner of the 2012 Best of Interop Award in the networking category. For more information, visit


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ACCELIZE announces XP5S620LP-40G low profile FPGA network accelerator card

June 27, 2012 by mikeohara   Comments (0)

ACCELIZE board provides customers with ultra-low latency, FPGA-based acceleration for financial trading applications


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