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B2B Media Innovators Interview: Joe Pulizzi

May 3, 2010 by Jenz514   Comments (0)

Joe Pulizzi.pngJoe Pulizzi runs a business called Junta 42 that is in what we used to call custom publishing. This meant creating a magazine for a company that uses it for marketing. Think of the sort of magazine you get from big brands like American Express. Of course these days that means online. Blogging enabled Joe Q Citizen to become a media-empire-in-my-pajamas to the rage of traditional media. Now any company can become a media company, bye-passing traditional media. All they need is genuinely interesting content. They obviously have the budget to pay for people to create interesting content. Joe helps them to spend that budget wisely.

So we thought that his take on B2B Media and the impact of the semantic web would be interesting.


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