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Government Bites The Hand That Feeds

November 27, 2011 by CalConfidence   Comments (0)

This week the Fed's are voting on enabling the US Military to make arrests and retain citizens against their will in lock-up.  Now the police are working to hide their actions over police scanners so that their "investors" (taxpayers) cannot monitor performance in real-time.  All of this is being done under the guise that criminals are using these services to evade the rule of law (*ahem, congressional trading, lobbying departments, political nepotism, DOE and Climate Change E-mails 2.0) therefore the law-abiding citizen must be punished in the name of safety.  Orwell's world is alive and well.  Perhaps our resources would be better allocated regulating government instead of having government regulate us.  This is not a surprise given the recent upheaval worldwide as government squeeze more wealth out of it citizens to cover its stupid decisions.

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