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Group discussion > Outsourcing: did the market move for you?

Outsourcing: did the market move for you?

Anthony Hesketh
2964 days ago

Greetings to you all.

This is my first posting, so I should firstly introduce myself. I am an academic working at Lancaster University Management School in the UK. My principal areas of interest are in the measurement of organisational performance (in all of its varying guises), strategy and outsourcing.

All three of these areas are combining in a session I am running for the IQPC's conference in Orlando on the afternoon of 23 March on the views analysts hold on the capacity of outsourcing to create material value for the client company. I already have BPO industry analysts/commentators and a CFO (Genpact's Tiger Tyagarajan to be precise) on one side of the fence, but I'd really like an equity analyst, CFO, financial controller or two who, like many others, think outsourcing is, in the grand scheme of things, immaterial.

Ideally, I'd love these people to join us in Orlando where we can wine and dine you and promise you a lively debate in front of several hundred primarily F&A and IT professionals (with a few procurement and HR people thrown in). But failing a personal experience, a telephone interview with quotes used in my presentation in Orlando (and signed off by yourself - either to be anonymous or attributed), would be a great way to have your voice heard without incurring the travel charge!

In the debate I am exploring the view suggesting, if outsourcing cannot move the market - one way or another - why, then, should outsourcing deals take so long to be signed? And if BPO isn't of the transformational nature at the level of the market originally suggested by vendors, why are organizations so emotional about their back offices? Of course it's more complex than I suggest here, but the market is ruthlessly direct. Or at least I think it is, and this is what I am seeking to develop in the debate.

Of course, reading this morning's FT, I was struck by one analyst suggesting Cadbury might well have fought off Kraft had they begun their cost cutting program a year earlier. One is tempted to suggest outsourcing on a grander and more adventurous scale as part of a wider transformational program, may have boosted Cadbury to a level beyond that which Kraft were prepared to pay. Of course, it all academic, and indeed it is to me!

If you are interested in travelling to Orlando to take part in the debate, can think of any good analysts who like an audience and might participate in the debate, or are prepared to be interviewed, I'd love to hear from you (A.Hesketh@lancaster.ac.uk). All suggestions and comments are also most welcome. I promise to come back to the FDE marketplace with the results of the debate!

Best wishes

Ant H

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Ken Yeadon
2951 days ago


I have bookmarked this into several LinkedIn Groups and on Twitter to see whether we can drum up some participation for you. Please let me know if you get any follow-up as a result.

I will also see whether a couple of old bank colleagues might be prepared to comment.

Would welcome the chance to give you the full guided tour around the site and see how it might be useful to you.

Best Regards