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Roberto Grossi
2971 days ago

I am a business and social media consultant and the founder of Social Media Easy.

Social Media Easy mission is to address the needs of organisations and individuals who wants to take advantage of the new business opportunities provided by Social Networks:

  • enter new markets;
  • introduce innovative ways to interact with customers and users;
  • improve effectiveness and reduce costs of communication tasks.

Social Media Easy offers Outsourcing services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) willing to explore Social Media Marketing opportunites without incurring significative start-up costs in terms of training, resources and time.

Social Media Easy is able to fully support the organizations during the complete cycle of a Social Media Marketing campaign. Its Outsourcing Service can be completely customised to fully address client's needs and is generally offered according the three following types of service:

Start-up consultancy.

This service is aimed to web 2.0 and social media beginners who are looking for assistance in getting an initial level of knowledge and developing a Social Media Marketing plan.

Social Media Virtual Assistant.

A Virtual Assistant will work closely with the Social Media Marketer taking the responsibility of the on-going tasks (Social Network platform selection, profiles creation, scouting of potential clients and “networkers” groups, maintain communications). Most of the time these tasks will not require an on-site presence.

Temporary Manager.

A dedicated consultant will be present on-site for the entire duration of the project and will be responsible of managing all Social Media activities, including performing hands-on tasks, handling know-how transfer and on the job training of client's employees.

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Christ King of Kings Network
2808 days ago

Hi, Roberto, this is a great service.  We are social entrepreneurs, addressing violence against women and children, with new media.  We are working in Haiti, addressing rape in the camps, linking doctors and victims.  We are using an Elgg open source platform and Joomla platform for streaming media.  We are just starting, any suggestions? Would you like to discuss how we may collaborate? Thank you for your time, grace and peace, Marcia Lynn Eichenauer, Ceo, Founder, Christ King Of kings Network * and HAITIGOFish launching soon.